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2008 Vol. 33, No. 12

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Development Prospect of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing
Moving Objects Detection and Shadows Elimination for Video Sequence
Net Primary Production Estimation in Kii Peninsula Using Terra/MODIS Data
Application of ICM Invariant Feature Based on Wavelet to Image Matching Recognition
Simulation Study of Influence of Change of Land Surface Types on Urban Heat Island
A Grid Geo-spatial Database System Model Based on Layered P2P Protocol
Integrative Model of Spatial Index and Multi-scale Representation
Spatial Association Rules Mining Methods Based on Voronoi Diagram
An Improved Apriori Algorithm Based on Support Count Matrix
Improved Event-Process Based on Spatiotemporal Model
Effective Scale of Slope and Aspect Derived from Grid-based Digital Elevation Model
Analysis of Digital Terrain Error Based on Spatial Autocorrelation
A Path Planning Algorithm Based on Typical Case Reasoning
Polygonal Inquiry Based on Shape Template Matching
Application of Total Least Squares to Space Resection
On Data Processing with Last Three Years of VLBI Observation
Research on Methods of Extracting On-the-Fly Tidal Level from GPS Observation in Near-shore Area
High Resolution Mean Sea Surface over China Sea Obtained with Compelling-Correction
Chinese Coastal Gravity Anomalies from Waveform Retracked Geosat/GM Altimetry
Gravity Anomalies with Resolution of 1.5′×1.5′Over China Sea and Its Vicinity Derived from Multi-Satellite Altimeter
Application of Focused Crawler Using Adaptive Dynamical Evolutional Particle Swarm Optimization