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        Determination of Height Variation of Qomolangma(Mt. Everest)and CrustalMovement in Its Northern Surrounding Area with GPS Technique
        Determination of Earth Gravity Field Model from GPS Phase Double-Different Data Onboard CHAMP
        Effect of Gravity Disturbance Precision on GPS/Gravity Boundary Value Problem
        Numerical Analysis of Lunar Satellite Orbit Revolutionary
        A New Method for Integer Ambiguity Resolution in GPS Deformation Monitoring
        Method for Eliminating Systematic Error ΔΩ and Δt in Autonomous Orbit Determination of Navigation Satellites
        Application of Sequential Fimtering in GPS Point Positioning
        GPS Single-point Positioning Based on Genetic Algorithm
        Cycle-slip Detection and Correction of GPS Data by Wavelet Transform
        Numerical Prediction Methods for Clock Difference Based on Two-Way Satellite Time and Frequency Transfer Data
        A Method for Fitting of Conicoid in Industrial Measurement
        Adaptive Sequential Adjustment and Its Application
        Related Analysis of Effecting Factors of Height Measurement Accuracy of InSAR
        Influence of Azimuth Base-Line on Formation-Flying Satellites Based InSAR
        Principle and Method of Lunar Gravity Field Determination and Project on Self-determinational Lunar Gravity Field
        Image-based Normalization Technique Used for Landsat TM/ETM~+ Imagery
        An Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Artificial Immune
        Haze Detection and Removal in Remote Sensing Images Based on Undecimated Wavelet Transform
        A New Algorithm for Remote Sensing Image Fusion Using Complex Wavelet Transform
        Determination of Case Ⅱ Water from Coast Zone Using MODIS Image
        Improvement of Cone-Shaped Spatial Direction-Relation Model
        Equivalent Probability Density Error Model to 2D Generic Curve in Vector GIS
        Application of Spatio-temporal Reasoning Model Based on Hyper-graph Theory
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