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2006 Vol. 31, No. 1

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Spatial Data Processing and Spatial Data Mining
Research on Precise Triangulated Height Surveying in Place of First Order Leveling
DOP for GPS,Galileo and Combination Navigation System
Applications of Square-Root Information Filtering and Smoothing on Orbit Determination of LEO Satellites with On-Board GPS Data
Model of the Generalized Net Adjustment Based on Coordinate Pattern
Application of Precise Point Positioning in Airborne Survey
Choice of Carrier Phase Combined Observation of GPS Using Fuzzy Cluster
Three Orientation Translating Algorithm of(Long./Lat.)Coordination and QTM Code Along with Its Criterion Judge of Precision
New Generation Mobile SLR System TROS-I in China
Study on Quantitative Monitoring Soil Loss in Small Watershed Base on GIS and RS
Combinational Reasoning of Topological Spatial Relations Between Two Lines
3D Motion Parameters Determination Based on Binocular Sequence Images
Classification of Multi-Spectral Remote Sensing Image Based on Resource Limited Artificial Immune System
Unmixing of Hyperspectral Imagery Based on Probabilistic Outputs of Support Vector Machines
Application of Projection Pursuit Based on Dynamical Evolutionary Algorithm to Anomaly Target Detection in Hyperspectral Images
Road Extraction in Remote Sensing Image Based on Marked Point Process
Object Extracting in Nature-Light Image
Methods for Classification of the High Spatial Resolution Remotely Sensed Images Based on Wavelet Transform
Research on the Optimal Path Algorithm in Multi-Level Road Network
GIS Product Quality Evaluation Based on Rough Set
Error Model of Curves in GIS and Its Digitizing Test
Hybrid Entropy Model of Spatial Data Uncertainty in GIS
Study on the Architecture of Mobile GIS Application Based on the Embeded Database System
Establishment and Application of Integrated Database of Flood Control Based on ArcSDE+Oracle 9i