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2004 Vol. 29, No. 7

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Deep Space Network and Its Applications
Relating OpenGL Imaging Process with Exterior and Interior Parameters of Photogrammetry
Prediction of Gross Arable Land Based on Grey-Markov Model
An Expansible Design of Highway Spatial Database
Problems on Visualization of Spatio-temporal Data
Management of Spatio-temporal Information in CIS
Oil-Gas Reservoir Evaluation Based on GIS
Configuration of Parameters α,β,ρ in Ant Algorithm
Geological Object Modeling Based on Quasi Tri-prism Volume and Its Application
View Angle of Landslide-Monitoring Data Mining
Volume Rendering and 3D Modeling of Hydrogeologic Layer Based on Kriging Algorithm
Effect Analysis of UFCLS Linear Spectral Mixture Analysis Method on Classification of Remote Sensing Images
Feasibility of InSAR Application to Antarctic Mapping
Region-Growth Algorithm for Radarclinometry
Bi-graph Image Decomposition Based on Quincunx Sampling Lifting Scheme
A DCT-based Watermark Algorithm Without the Original Image
Stochastic Poisson Integral of Dirichlet Problem for Gravity Field
Refining Engineering Quasi-Geoid of Mutuo, Tibet
Accurately Calculating Exterior Orientation Elements of Airborne TLS Using Kalman Filter to Process the New Combination of GPS Double-Difference Carrier Phase and Doppler/INS Data
Estimation Error of Initial State Parameters for Low-Orbit Satellite Orbit Determination Based on GPS
Determining the Smoothing Parameter in Semi-parametric Model Using L-curve Method
Deducing and Estimating Nonparametric Signal in Semiparametric Regression Model──Method of Cubic Splines Interpolation