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2002 Vol. 27, No. 3

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Theories and Technologies of Spatial Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
GPS Precise Point Positioning Using Undifferenced Phase Observation
The Establishment of Crust Motion Velocity Field of China by GPS Observations and Spherical DDA Model
Detecting and Repairing the Gross Errors and Cycle Slips by QUAD Method
Two-Step Processing for Compensating the Systematic Errors in Marine Gravity Measurements
Bathymetry Prediction of South China Sea from Satellite Data
Characteristic Analysis of Deformations in Himalaya Block by Inverting Seismic Moment Tensors
The Research and Establishment of the Surveying Ensurement System in Wuhan No.1 Rail Transit Engineering
Obtaining the Necessary Precision Index on Deformation Observation Based on Reliability Theory
Theory and Application of Geo-rough Space
Design Thinking,Technical Route and Some Theoretical Issues on the Geospatial Digital Framework
Construction of Database Platform for Interactive Generalization on Large Scale Topographic Map
Designing and Implementation of Map Symbol Database Based on COM
Spatial Distribution of Statistical Population Data
Theorization of Directional Relationship Description Based on Voronoi Diagram
Spatio-Temporal GIS Model Based on Event Semantic
A Method of Phase Unwrapping Based on Region-segmentation and Encoding
Color Gamut Compression with Tagging Method