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2000 Vol. 25, No. 4

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CyberCity: Concepts, Technique Support and Typical Applications
Design and Implementation of Object-oriented Integrated Spatial Database Management System
An Object-oriented Integrative 3D Data Model
Distributed Hypermap Model for Internet GIS
Database Structure for the Integration of RS with GIS
Data Transformation and Algebra Isomorphism in GIS
Spatial Relation Operations on the Basis of V9I
Fast Dynamic Encoding of Linear Quadtree and Its Realization
Determination of Satellite Sensor Orientation
Edge Detection of SAR Images Based on the Fractal Theory
Application of Wallis Transform in Wavelet Based Image Fusion
Mean Sea Level Variation Using Historic Satellite Altimeter Data
Study on Sampling Inspection Schemes to Digital Products in GIS
Method in Determining Vessel Attitude with GPS
Estimation of the Unit Weight Variance in Nonlinear Model Adjustment
Intelligently Progressive Model for Dense Point Feature Label Placement
Executed Object Model Based Software Process for Developing Communication System