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1999 Vol. 24, No. 2

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A New Modelling Method of Evaluating Exteral Disturbing Potential Grounded upon the Theory of Unified Representation of Gravitational Field
Geodetic Singularity Problem in Gravity Field
The Weighting in Mean Sea Level Computation Using Altimeter Data
Outlier Analysis in the Integrate Adjustment of National High-precision GPS Network
Iterated Extended Kalman Filter Application to Real-time GPS Data Processing
A Methodology for Automatic Determination of Observation Weights in GPS-supported Bundle Block Adjustment
A Method to Set up Control Net with Extra high Accuracy for Industrial Objects
Positioning Accuracy of Airborne Laser ranging and Multispectral-imaging Mapping System
Review on the Scheme for “The Updating and Database Building of 1:10 000 Digital Elevation Models”
Geometric Data Quality Model and Quality Control in GIS
DEM and GIS Based Automatic Positioning of the Best View Point
An Algorithm for Error-band Determination of Curves in GIS
Practical Criterion of Nonlinear Model That Can or Cannot be linearized
The Decomposement and Operators Set of Automatic Map Generalization
The Study on the Principles of Automated Placement of Map Name and Its Implementation Approach
The Design of Mutil-scale Representation System Based on Single-scale Electronic Map Database
A New Kind of Variable-scale Map Projection——Research on Composite Projection
The Mechanism Research on Land Use Conversions Based on Cellualr Automata and Grey Situation Decision Rules
A Cusp Catastrophe Model of Large Dam Deformation Destabilization
A Study of the Data Characteristics and Its Integrity in FRDB
The Study of the Method to Determining the Number of Hidden Units of Three-layer BP Neural Networks
Testing of the Horizontal Error of the Beam in Laser Swinger
Analysis for the Relation Between Traffic Volume, Speed and Density