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1998 Vol. 23, No. 3

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An Analysis of Traditional Chinese Architectural and Garden Design from the Viewpoint of Chaology and Fractal Geometry
A Method of Dynamic Cluster Analysis Based on Time Series Data
Research of 3-D Visualization Method of Urban Buildings Concerning Terrain
Quick Generation of TIN and Its Dynamic Updating
Raster-based Method for Voronoi Diagram
A Fully Fuzzy Supervised Classification of Remotely Sensed Imagery
The Study of Noise Reduction for SAR Image
Automatic Color Separation of Color Map Image
Intrinsic Geodetic Boundary Value Problem
The Spectral Methods for Computation of Non-isotropic Local Gravity Field
Research on Fuzzy Integrals Assessment Model of Large Dam's Observed Behavior
Theoretical Study on the Model of Theodolite Industrial Measurement System
A Further Discussion on the Nature of the LEGE Method and Its Improved Searching Method
The Digital Characters of the p-norm sample Distribution
Statistical Properties of the p-th Power Norm Distribution
Estimation of Variance Components Under the Influence of the Initial Datum Error
Algorithms to Produce Least Independent Close Loops and Connecting Traverses Automatically
Some Features of Fresnel Diffraction Fields of Gaussian-plane Waves Truncated by Slit
The Reasearch of the Self-detection Technology for Electrical Part of the Analytical Photo-positioning Apparatus JWP01
A Hardware Implementation of Field-sequential Stereoscopic Display System
A Fast Method Implementing the Identical Address Operation in FFT
Research on Building Optimal Investment Evaluation Model
Analysis of Education Measure Data with Multi-variable Self-modeling Regression Model