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1997 Vol. 22, No. 3

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Design and Technique for GIS Software-GeoStar
A Software Engineering Paradigm Suitable for Development of GIS System
Using Voronoi Approach of Developing Topological Functions in MapInfo
Formal Framework of 3D Spatial Features and Topological Property Based on Manifold Topology
The Nine-intersection Model for Describing Spatial Relation
A Fuzzy Field Approach to Mapping ε-error Band Models
Cadastral Spatio-temporal Database Organization and Query Based on Properties of Land Subdivision
Organizing Spatio-temporal Data of Land Subdivision with Temporal Land Parcels
An Object-oriented Spatio-temporal Data Model
Reliability Analysis for Kalman Filtering and Its Application in Kinematic GPS Positioning
From DSM to DTM in Urban Area
Change Detection Based on Aerial Image of Urban Area
The Compression of Remote Sensing Image Based on Match Consistency
Multisource Classification of Remotely Sensed Data Based on Bayesian Data Fusion Method
The Evaluation of Flood Disaster Damage Based on Remote Sensing
Measure of Flood and Waterlogging in the Coastal Lowlands
Vector Graphic Seamless Link with Main Database Model for WWW GIS
The Design and Implementation of a Symbol Base in Thematic Mapping
Many Key Techniques on Establishing Image Database
Distributed Computing Environment and Distributed Processing of Computer Network
The Design of WWW Homepage
Research on the Real Time Formation of Optional Equivalent GPS Observations in GPS Fiducial Stations