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1997 Vol. 22, No. 2

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Some Thoughts about Geographic Information Theory
A Temporal Geo-data Model with Timestamp on the Group of Synchronous Changing Data Items and the Segmented Topological Arc
Three-Dimensional Run-Encoding (3DRE) for Octree
The Features of Spatial Database Query Languages
Translational Oscillations of the Inner Core
Research on Redundant Observation Components and Reliability Measures for Correlated Observations
Acceptable Curvature of Nonlinear Model for Linear Approximation
Quantitative Calculation of Crustal Deformation Induced by Incomplete Penetrating Well Drainage in Confined Aquifers Without Leakage Water Complement
Data Quality Control of Line and Rectangle Features in GIS Spatial Database
Nonlinear Error Propagation and Its Application in GIS
A Research on the Mathematical Definition of Maps
Study on Automatic Chinese-Label Placement
Map Design Based on Modern Electronic Technology
On-Line Simplification for Digital Map
Determination of the Color CRT Display Gamuts
On the Cycle Error and Error of Unshapely Phase with Photoelectric Ranger
An Advance Probe Method for Automatic Synthesize of Combinational Logic Circuitsc
The Output Control Interface Design for Laser-typersetter
A Depth Position System for Oil-Well Logging
Study on Thickness Measurement with Laser and Image Sensor
Experimental Study on the Shear Behaviour of SFRC Composite Beams Subjected to Uniformly Distributed Load
The Pulsating Wind Load Simulation of the Aqueduct across the Yellow River
The Precision Analysis of GPS Network Railway Tunnel
A Necessary Condition of Admissibility of Variance-component Nonnegative Quadratic Estimators