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1995 Vol. 20, No. 2

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The Method and Accuracy of the Determination of Deviation between Camera and GPS Antenna
Global Broken Contour Connection Through Maximal Clique Graph Search Based on Relational Structural Constraints
A Multifractal Analysis Method for Image Texture
The Application of Fuzzy Asesmble Analysis in the Classification of Image Texture Based on Fractal Geometry
A Dynamic Method of Vector Data Organized by Sepearated Layer
Self-similarity Analysis of Cartographic Lines and the Automated Line Generalization
A Research on the Quantization and Fractal Model for Polygonal Shape Features on Map
Optimisation of Design on Graphic Editing Software
Knowledge-based Adaptive Image Smoothing
A Research on the Mean Shift Outlier Models
Gross Error Detection and Robust Estimation for Building Error Estimation Models of Digitizing
An Experiment on Locating Blunders for GPS Network
A Check on the Two Tectonic Evolution Models for the Uplift of Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau by Using Geodetic Data
Laterally Loaded Pile's Minimum Weight Design
A Discussion on the Device and Technical Problems of PSD Position Measurement System
The Implementation of an Automatic Following Algorithm Based on Multiple Criteria
Color Transformation Methods from Screen to Printing