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1993 Vol. 18, No. 1

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Design and Implementation of Graphic Output System for Topographic Maps (GOSTM)
Threshold Analysis in Urban Development and Fuzzy-gery Situation Decision is Select Site for Engineering Construcion
The Independent Variablas-snooping in the Regression Analysis of Dam Deformation
Nonparametric Regression Method of GPS-leveling Computation
Analysis of Robustness and Efficiency in Surveying Data Adjustment
The Parameters Selection of Telescope of Enginer's Level for a Wide Fied of View at Short Stadia
The Design and Implementation of Quasi-real-time Microcomputer Image Processing System
The Design and Implementation of the National Information System of Surveying and Mapping
MIS Oriented Programming——The Realization of Interactive Screen Data Processing System
The Fractional Integration and Differentiation and Their Series Expasions
An Algorithm for Multi-dimensional Fermat Number Transform
Study on the Wear and Life of Cutting Tool by the Use of Machine Vision
Investigation of the Color Conversion Model in Color Devising System of the Map
Making Halftone Film by Computer