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1992 Vol. 17, No. 1

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The Application of Wigner 3-j Symbol in the Solution of Mixed Boundary Value Problem
The Study of Ocean Loading Tide
The Shea Strength Calculation of Composite Nembers
Structural Principle and Realization by Computer for Areal Regular Pattern
The Methods of Combining Databases in HG-DB3 System
Optical System Value Engineeriug Multifactorial Evaluation and Tolerance Determination
On teh Difgerent Tidal Correction Formulas and Unification of China's Gravity Control Networks
Design and Realization of Graphic Editing System in Micro-Computer Based GIS
Algebra Operation for Drawing Linear Symbols in Computer-Aided Cartography
Precision Lnvestigation for Ocean Bottom Control Network Using GPS
Two Results on Win's Conjecture