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1990 Vol. 15, No. 4

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Quality Analysis of Combined Adjustment with Photogrammetric and Geodetic Observations
Laboratory Testing of the Wild Tachymat TC 1600
Weighing of the Precise Gravity Network and Its System Effect
The synthesis Assessment of Urban Environmental Qualities with Multilayer Fuzzy Model
Various Formulations of Miltibody Space time Geodetic Boundary Value Problem and Their Solutions
A Study of Some Terrain Reduction Methods
A Noto to the Paper of A Gravitational Law of the Pattern Recognition and An Example of Its Application in Cartography
The Design of Starch Level Controlling System
Guided Wave Method for Characterization of Thin Films as Compared to Wideband Spectrophotometric Method
On the Uniformity Model of the parameter Esfimation——the Generalized Gauss-Markov Model
On Partial Extreme Stability
On methods of Optimal Simulation of Areal Geodetic Networks