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1988 Vol. 13, No. 3

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Determination of the Displacements of Arch Dams Using a Laser Traverse System
Research on the Variance Component Models of Gyrotheodolite Observation Errors
On the Digital Geometrical Rectifications for the Spacelab Images by Using Colinearity Equations
Application of Time Series Analysis to the Prediction of Deformation for Large Dams
Adjustment in Groups and Evaluation of Precision
The Effect of New Astronomical Constants and System on Astronomical Latitude and Longitude and Azimuth
Computer-Generated Equidistance Line to Delimitate an Irregular Zone for Two Areas
Using Optical/Digital Hybrid Processor to Inspect Fabric Defects
The Calculation of Optical Transfer Function of the Non-coaxial Optical System
The Data Communication and Data Processing Unit in Monitor System for Loom
Corrective Estimation of Pseudo-Inverse Adjustment of Rank-Defect Net
A Note on Arrays
Orthogonal-Triangular Decomposition and Its Application in Bundle Adjustment