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2019 Vol. 44, No. 10

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Relationship Analysis Between GPS Reflection Signal SNR and NDVI
Effect of the Changes of Tropopause on Weighted Mean Temperature
Detection of Atmospheric Particulate Matter Pollution Based on Three-Dimensional Atmospheric Detection LiDAR
Phase Estimation for Inter-agency Interferometric Tracking in Chang'E-3 Powered Descent Flight
Two Measuring Methods for Antenna Rotating Center Based on Elevation Axes Intersection and Spherical Fitting
Preliminary Performance Evaluation of BeiDou Global Ionospheric Delay Correction Model
Orbit Determining Strategy Analysis for BeiDou Satellite in Different Attitude Control Modes
Analysis of GNSS Positioning Precision on Android Smart Devices
The Second Geodetic Boundary Value Problem Based on Molodensky Theory
Study on Automated Aggregation of Depth Contour on Nautical Charts
Adaptive Relaxation Regularization Algorithm for Nonlinear Parameter Estimation
Modeling Azimuthal Steel-Track Deformation to Determine the Reference Point of Wheel-Track VLBI Antenna
Improved step-by-step elimination method for optimal selection of GNSS/leveling points
Analysis of Forward and Measured Magnetic Anomalies of Submarine Pipeline
Generation of Initial Seamline Network Based on the Overlap Degree of Images
Extrinsic Calibration of Camera and 2D Laser-Rangefinder with Various Chessboard Constrains
Abnormal Crowd Behavior Detection and Location Based on Spatial-temporal Cube
Adaptive Meshing of Multi-domain Complex Orebody Models
Community Detection Algorithm Based on Geographical Weighted Central Node Distance
An Efficient Management Method for Massive Point Cloud Data of Metro Tunnel Based on R-tree and Grid
A Method of Flood Submerging Area Extraction for Farmland Based on Tasseled Cap Transformation from Remote Sensing Images
A Lake Selection Method Based on Dynamic Multi-scale Clustering
Individual Income Level Inference Method Based on Travel Behavior of Urban Residents