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2017 Vol. 42, No. 1

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From Geomatics to Urban Informatics
Land Observing Satellite Data Center:Big Data Challenges and a Potential Solution
Modeling Urban Air Quality Trend Surface Using Social Media Data
Organization and Efficient Range Query of Large Trajectory Data Based on Geohash
CryEngine Based Virtual Geographic Environments Construction
Organization and Scheduling of Indoor Three-Dimensional Geometric Model Based on Spatial Topological Relation
An Indoor Pedestrian Route Planning Algorithm Based on Landmark Visibility
Analyzing Space-Time Variation of Urban Human Stay Using Kernel Density Estimation by Considering Spatial Distribution of Mobile Phone Towers
Sparse Link Travel Time Estimation Using Big Data of Floating Car
An Analysis of Entropy of Human Mobility from Mobile Phone Data
Surveillance Video Synopsis Considering Trajectory Geographic Direction
An Incremental Map-Matching Method Based on Road Network Topology
Person Re-identification Based on Part Feature Importance
Lunar Spatial Environmental Indicators Dynamically Modeling Based Exploration Area Selection
Overall Projection of DBM for Occlusion Detection in True Orthophoto Generation
Application of Laser Tracking Technology to Absolute Calibration of Space-borne Radar Altimeters
A Batch Reconstruction Algorithm of Multi-view Images Using Image Triplets
An Efficient Approach for Pixel Decomposition of Land Surface Temperature from Landsat TM Data
Using Delaunay Refinement to Reconstruct Surface from Noisy Point Clouds
Parallel Quality-Guided Phase Unwrapping Algorithm in Shared Memory Environment
Tectonic Stress Field in Bohai Bay Area Inversed by Multi-source Gravity Observation Data