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2014 Vol. 39, No. 12

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Advance and Future Challenges in Hyperspectral Target Detection
Comparison of Three Gross Error Detection Methods in Automatic Geometric Correction for Optical Satellite Images
Texture Optimization Methodology for 3D Building Based on Super Face
Multrlayer Feature Selection Based Hierarchal Component Model for Aero-plane Detection on Remote Sensing Image
A New Image Quality Assessment Model Based onthe Gradient Information
An Integrated of Multi-feature Segmentation Method Polarimetric SAR Images
Geometric Rectification and Error Analysis for HJ-1 CCD Image With Wide Coverage Feature
Reconstruction of Dense Point Cloud Using Space-patch Model from Sequence Images
Analyzing the Characteristics of the Expansion of the Metropolises in China from 1990 to 2010 Using Self-organizing Neural Network
The Unit-valve Graph Model of Water Supply Networks for Valve-closing Analysis Algorithm
A Morphing Method for Linear Features Based on Simulated Annealing
A New Typification Method for Ditches with Almost Parallel Distribution
Parallel DEM Preprocessing Algorithm with Granularity Control on Gridded Terrain Datasets
A New Method of TLS to Solving the Autoregressive Model Parameter
Theory and Method of Hypothetical Test for Nonparameters in Linear Semiparametric Model
Post-seismic Deformation Inversion of Seismic Fault Considering the Crustal Viscoelastic Structure
Recovering Earth’s Gravitational Field Model Using GOCE Orbits and Gravity Gradients
Application of Gravity/Topography Admittance to the Inversion of Lunar Geophysical Parameters Considering the Lithosphere as a Thin Elastic Spherical Shell
A Method for Extracting Seabed Feature Parameters Based on the Angular Response Curve of Multibeam Backscatter Strength
A Method of Face Recognition Based on HSI-PCNN
Color Image Segmentation Using Improved Graph Cuts