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2012 Vol. 37, No. 9

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Researching Review on Key Technologies of Next Generation Satellite Networks
Analysis of Establishment Criteria,Connectivity and Robustness of Inter-satellite Link in Mixed Constellation
On Length of Day with 1985-2010 VLBI Observations
A New Regional Troposphere Fitting Model and Its Application to PPP
Influences Control of Outlying Observations in Dynamic PPP by Particle Filtering
An In-orbit GPS Satellite Clock Errors Fitting Algorithm Based on Windowed LSSVM
Kalman Filtering Algorithm Based on Random Design Matrices with Application to Integrated GNSS/INS Navigation
Motion Characteristics of Major Faults in East Boundary of Sichuan-Yunnan Block Obtained with GPS Data
Deformation Characteristics of North Section of North-South Seismic Zone in Recent Period
Precision Attitude Determination for Deep-Space Mission
Bayes Unmasking Method to Detection of Gross Errors Together with Influence Analysis
Image Line Feature Relationship Matching with Object Structural Information
Automatic Object Extraction Using Hierarchical Semantic Model
Evaluation of L-band Polarimetric SAR Images for Urban Land Cover Classification
Airborne Three-Line-Scanner CCD Imagery Self-calibration Block Adjustment
Atmospheric Correction Method for Poyang Lake HJ-1A /B CCD Image
Quality Improvement of Atmospheric Correction Products of MODIS with HJ-1A/B Satellite CCD Images
Hydrodynamic Simulation of Water Extend Change in Poyang Lake with Aid of MODIS Remote Sensing Data
Monitoring Subsidence in Reclamation Area with Time Series DInSAR Images
An Empirical Model for Wind Speed Inversion by HFSWR
Morphologic Severely Polluted Documental Image Processing
Adaptive Green Noise Halftoning Algorithm with Optimal Hysteresis Constant
Generalization of Road Polygons in Large-Scale Land Use Database
Quality Assessment of Scattered Polygon Generalization
An Improved Algorithm for Combination of Land-Use Data
Morphing Linear Features Considering Their BLG-tree Structures
Efficient Routing of Vehicular Ad Hoc Network Based on Position Service Information
Application of Multi-temporal Statistical Data Dynamic Spatial Visualization Methods