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2012 Vol. 37, No. 2

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Survey on Statics of Wikipedia
Image Segmentation Method Based on PLSA Technology
Registration of LiDAR Point Clouds and High Resolution Images Based on Linear Features
Ice Flood Monitoring of Yellow River Using HJ-1A/1B CCD Data
Generalized Point Photogrammetry Feature Extraction Based on Harris Operator and Vectorization
A Practical Method for Improving Fusion Quality of High-resolution Optical Image—Taking IKONOS as Examples
Bundle Block Adjustment of Aerial Imagery Based on Unit Dual Quaternion
An Effective Algorithm for Line Extraction in Aerial Image
Orientation Field Based Rapid Global Segmentation of Fingerprint Image
PPP Algorithm of Single Frequency Based on Corrections of Single-base Station and Ionospheric Parameters Estimation
A Method of Generalized Inverse Adjustment Based on Improved Gram-Schmidt Orthogonalization
Iterative Method of Weight Constraint Total Least-Squares for Three-Dimensional Datum Transformation
Application of Fitting Method by Selection of the Parameter Weights on GPS Water Vapor Tomography
Gravity Anomaly Separation of the Subduction Zone Based on Wavelet Transform
GPS Co-seismic and Post-seismic Response to the 3·11 Massive Earthquake in Japan
Present Tectonic Motion Feature of Shanxi Graben Based on the GPS Monitoring Data
Analysis of Deriving Stratospheric Atmospheric Winds from COSMIC Radio Occultation Data
Routing Method for P2P Delaunay Network Based on Spatial Grid Division
A Semantics Approach for Multi-Version Web Coverage Service Schema Match
Global SST Data Mining Based on Fuzzy Clustering
Progressive Combination of Polygon Groups
Feature Matching from Network Data at Different Scales Based on Similarity Measure
Visualization of Spatio-Temporal Information Based on Transparency
Information Organization Method and Visualization Strategy of POI Based on B/S Structure
Interpolation of Temperature Based on Spatial-temporal Kriging
Popularized "egg-folk" Model
A Botnet Relationship Analyzer Based on Cloud Model