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2011 Vol. 36, No. 7

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A Fast Surface Reconstruction Algorithm for Unorganized Points Based on Tangent Plane Projection
Application of Four-component Scattering Model in Speckle Filtering of Polarimetric SAR Data
Segment-based Stereo Matching Using Edge Dynamic Programming
Geometric Calibration of ADS40 System Based on Test Field
The Data Processing and Accuracy Analysis Method of Aerial Triangulation for ADS40 Linear Array Images
Complex Building Reconstruction Based on Multi-source Data
Research of Seismic Data Compression Method Based on Morphological Wavelet
A New Chain for SAR Pixel Offset Estimation and Its Application in Co-seismic Deformation Measurement
Simulation of the Irradiacne Changing with the Temporal and Spatial Distribution on the Terrain Surface
Influence of Error and Prior Information to AOD of Navigation Satellites
Bayesian Methods for Time Series Outliers Detection and Applications in Ionospheric VTEC Data Processing
High-Precision Single-Frequency Point Positioning with Randomness of Ionosphere Delay Correction in Consideration
Study on One Multi-Sensor Integrated Navigation System Algorithm Based on Filtering Step by Step
Solving Equality Constraint Inversion with Ill-posed Constraint Matrix Using United Method
GNSS Real-time Data Quality Control
Study on the Effect of PCA Spatial Filtering on High-rate GPS Positioning
Research on Present Crustal Horizontal Deformation Feature of Weihe Basin and Its Tectonic Activity
Investigation on the Characteristics of the Fitting Method by Selection of Parameter Weights
A New Method of Data in Local Area Network Brought into ITRF
The Direct Calculating Formulae for Transformations Between Authalic Latitude Function and Isometric Latitude
A Hierarchical Spatial Clustering Algorithm Based on Field Theory
An Adjustment Method to Maintain the Attributes Logical Consistency of Linear Features Basic Unit
Relation Mapping Between Generic Terms of Place Names and Geographical Feature Types
Self-organizing Spatial Clustering Under Spatial and Attribute Constraints
Road Network Generalization for Increasing Data Based on Unit Influence Domain
Research on HDR Image Rendering Based on Image Appearance Effect Predicting
Robust Face Recognition by Fusion Local Deformable Model