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2011 Vol. 36, No. 4

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Analyzing InSAR Results Using GIS and Its Application on the Coseismic Interpretation of Mw7.9 Wenchuan Earthquake
Case Study of the Rainfall Processes in Different Cloud Systems Based on GPS-PWV Data in Chengdu Plain
Application of the Sub-network Division in Large Scale GNSS Reference Station Network
Modeling Regional Precise Tropospheric Delay
Research on the Influence of Stations' Distance in High-accuracy GPS Satellite Clock Offset Estimation
Balkhash Lake Level Variations Monitored with Satellite Altimeter and Satellite Gravity Data
Real-time PWV Obtained by Ground GPS
Weighted Mean Temperature T_m Statistical Analysis in Ground-based GPS in China
Phase-and-rate Feedback Loops for Weak GNSS Signals Tracking
Experiment Results and Analysis of the Dynamic Deformation Monitoring of a Kind of Landslide Based on GPS Technology
Impact of Temporal Correlation of GPS Observations on Baseline Solution
Establishment and Maintenanceof the Compass Terrestrial Reference Frame
Crustal Deformation Analysis Derived from GPS Observations During Baja California Earthquake
Geocenter Motion from GPS Data
Study on the Selection of the Geomagnetic Adaptable Matching Area Based on the Geomagnetic Co-occurrence Matrix
Research on Integrated Navigation System by Fuzzy Kalman Filter with Interval-value Membership Function
GPS Seismometer:PANDA Software Testing Results and Validation
An Effective Carrier-to-noise Ratio Estimation Method for GNSS Receiver
Research on RAIM Availability Algorithm Based on Circular Error Probable
Analysis of Combining Ground-based GPS Network and Space-based COSMIC Occultation Observation for Precipitable Water Vapor Application
Impact Analysis of GNSS Signal Imperfections on Intersystem and Intrasystem Interference
Application of Combining Method of Outlier Detection and Robust Estimation to GPS Kinematic Relative Positioning
A Low Cost GPS/INS Tighely-Coupled Navigation System
Research on the Navigation Message Broadcast Mode for COMPASS
Study on ScanSAR Interferometry for Monitoring Large Scale Earthquake
Simulation of Exploring Submarine Topography Based on Gravity Gradiometry
Retrieval of Clear-sky Land Surface BRDF and Albedo Based on Discrepancy Principle and Regularization Method