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2010 Vol. 35, No. 9

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Analysis of Length of Day with 2008-2009 VLBI Observations
Autonomous Integrated Navigation for Lunar Soft Landing
Inverse Barometer Correction in Satellite Altimetry and Its Effect on Mean Sea Level Change
Estimation of Ionospheric Differential Corrections of Navigation Signals with Kalman Filter
Measurement of Wind-Induced Vibration of Tall Buildings Using GPS and Wavelet Application
Dynamic Precise Point Positioning Algorithm Based on Fixing Ambiguities
Velocity Determination Based on GPS Derived Pseudoranges
3DSurs Positioning Technology with CORS and Its Application
Detection of High Frequency Magnetic Disturbance in Marine Gradiometer Survey with Wavelet Analysis
Determination of Barycenter of Surveying Boat in Hydrographic Survey
Brightness Temperature Simulation System and Errors Structure Analysis
Grid-Search Based Method for Lightning Location on Oblate Earth Surface
Parallel Computing Based on Statistical-Cost Network-Flow Algorithm for Phase Unwrapping
An Algorithm for Spaceborne Interferometric SAR Signal Processing with Coherence Optimization
Difference Analysis of R-D and Collinearity Model Used for SAR Image Ortho-rectification
Texture Segmentation Based on Multiscale Fuzzy Markov Random Field Model in Wavelet Domain
Application of Bertrand Curve Property to Road Edge Extraction from High-Resolution Remote Sensing Images
Multi-beam Sound Intensity Amplitude Filtering Methods
Applicability Analysis of Transformation Models for Aerosol Optical Depth and Horizontal Visibility
Representation of Location-Specific Space-Time Accessibility Based on Time Geography Framework
Content-Oriented Multi-level Security Authorization of Remote Sensing Images
Blind Watermarking Model of Vector Spatial Data Based on DFT of QIM
From Quality of Geospatial Data to Quality of Geospatial Information Services
Fusion Expression of Real-Time Traffic Information and Navigation Electronic Map
Division of Urban Spatial Information Multi-grid Based on Hierarchical Spatial Reasoning
Implementation Approach for Propagating Updates of Fundamental Geographic Database
RLE-B Algorithm for Buffer Generation
Association Rule Mining with Fixed Decision Items and Its Applications to Bio-chemical Item Production
Automatic Districting of Land Consolidation Based on Multi-objective Tabu Search Algorithm