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2010 Vol. 35, No. 8

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Ontology Based Land Use Data Generalization
Land-use Data Generalization for the Database Construction of the Second Land Resource Survey
Automated Model Generalization of Schematic Network Maps Based on Dynamic Segmentation
Facet Shift Algorithm Based on Minimal Distance in Simplification of Buildings with Parallel Structure
A Fast Estimation for the Average Node Degree of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks in Highway Scenarios
Intelligent Dispatching of Public Vehicles Based on Cloud Genetic Algorithms
An Algorithm for Generating Voronoi Diagram of 3D Scattered Point-set
A Hierarchical Approach for Nodes Matching Based on Structural Spatial Relations
Vector Data Rasterization Based on Rendering and Pickup
Multi-feature Index Structure for Weighted Query Applications
Design and Development of a Collaborative Simulation System for Air Pollution Dispersion
Research on Toponym Resolution in Chinese Text
Automatic Water Body Extraction Based on LiDAR Data and Aerial Images
Unsupervised Classification of Fully Polarimetric SAR Data Based on the PSO Algorithm
An Effective Method for Targets Feature Extraction and Recognition of High Resolution SAR Images
SAR Optimal Polarization Analysis Based on Polarization Synthesis
Gabor-MRF Model Based on Color Texture Image Segmentation
A Pixel-by-Pixel Atmospheric Correction Algorithm for MODIS Data Based on Look-up Table
Background Building Method of Moving Objects Detection in Complex Scenes
A Non-Cooperative Game Model for QoS-Aware Optimal Composition of Remote Sensing Information Services for Multi-task
A Remotey Sensing Satellite Sensor Modeling Approach Based on SensorML
A Forward and Backward Diffusion Based on Image Denoising and Enhancement Method
Cluster Matching of Artificial Targets in the Close Range Photogrammetry Based on the Epipolar Plane Constraint
Adaptation of Model Errors in Kalman Filtering
On EOP Parameters Based on 2008 VLBI Observation Data
A Time-varying Kalman Model for Dam Monitoring Data Prediction
Integration of GPS/Pseudolites Baseline Solution Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition
Precise Clock Error Estimation of GPS Satellite and Analysis Based on GNSS Network
Outline of the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System of Japan