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2009 Vol. 34, No. 4

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Fractal Feature of Texture Characteristic Coding for Hyperspectral Images
Bulding Roof Boundary Extraction from LiDAR Point Cloud
Honey-bee Mating Optimization Algorithm for Producing Better “Tuned” Masks
Fuzzy Cluster Validation for Remote Sensing Image Classification
Progressive Transmission Method of DEM Data Based on JPEG2000 Lossless-Compression
Study of Simultaneous Non-linear Retrieval of Atmospheric Parameters and Surface Skin Temperature from MODIS Infrared Data
Discriminant Common Vectors in Principal Component Analysis Transformed Space for Face Recognition
Cross Calibration of CBERS-02 CCD Image Based on the Pseudo-invariant Reflectance Targets
Research on Extracting Building Points from the DSM Data Combining the High-resolution Remote Sensing Image
Automatic Optimization for Affine Invariant Feature Matching on Remote Sensing Imagery
An Object-oriented Image Smoothing Algorithm Based on the Convexity Model and Multi-scale Segmentation
Displacement Measurement Based on Moiré Effect of Digital Camera
Measurement Indexes of Positional Uncertainty for Plane Line Segment Based on ε_m Model
Recovery of Yangtze River Basin Water Storage Variations by GRACE Observations
Recent Elevation Change Detection of Enderby Land Ice Sheet Using ICESat Crossover Analysis
Threat of Ionosphere Anomaly for GBAS and Its Monitoring Method
Study on the Method of Time Delay Detection in Precise Multibeam Surveying
Decadal Variability and Regional Characteristics of Global Sea Level During the 20th Century
Derivation of Digital Terrain Model from Airborne LiDAR Data in Forestry Area
Precise Timing Using Carrier Phase Smoothed Pseudorange from Single Receiver
CaIculation and Analysis of Datum at Huanghua Port of China
Study of Ocean Wind-field Monitoring System Based on GNSS-R
Study of Mathematic Model for Fitting S Shape Distributed Data
An Adjacent Searching Algorithm of Degenerate Quadtree Grid on Spherical Facet
Automated Classification of Martian Landforms Based on Digital Terrain Analysis(DTA) Technology
Spatial Overlay Analysis Based on Pan Boolean Function
A kth-shortest Path Algorithm Based on k-1 Shortest Paths
A Relative Positioning Method Based on Space-Time Constraints
Research of Colorimetric Evaluation Methods for Ink Trapping