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2008 Vol. 33, No. 8

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Fusion Modes of Various Geodetic Observations and Their Analysis
Coordinate Mobile Transformation in CORS System and Its Application
Accuracy Analysis of L_2 C Code of Dual Frequency GPS Receiver
Realization and Precision Analysis of Single-Frequency Precise Point Positioning Software
Precision Analysis of Precise Point Positioning Based Tropospheric Delay Estimation
Modeling Regional Ionosphere Using GPS Measurements over China by Spherical Cap Harmonic Analysis Methodology
Preliminary Tomography Spatial Wet Refractivity Distribution Based on Kalman Filter
Inversion of Atmospheric Profiles with COSMIC Radio Occultation Data over Australia
United Solution to Polynomial VTEC Modeling and DCB Analysis Using Ground-based GPS Observations
Determination of Precise Orbit Using Onboard GPS Data for Gravity Modeling Oriented Satellites
GPS Real Time Orbit Determination and Initial Results Analysis
Simulation Research on Precise Orbit Determination for GIOVE-A
An Improved Algorithm for Acquisition of Weak Signal in a Software GPS Receiver
Baseline Network Analysis of Different Underwater GPS Positioning System
Application of Adaptive Kalman Filter Restricted by Road Information to Vehicleborne Navigation
Measurement of Observation Structure
Robust Model Based on C/No and Priori-information of Parameters
On Adapting Kalman Filtering for Adjusting Observation Noise Covariance in GPS/INS Integration
Mitigation of Multi-path Effect Using SNR Values
Nonhomogeneity of the Crust from Ms 7.9 Manyi(Tibet) Earthquake with InSAR Observation
Study on Urban Area Subsidence Monitoring Based on InSAR Technique
Present-day Tectonic Characteristics of Crustal Movement in Guangxi Area
Free Euler Motion of the Triaxial Earth Based on Temporary Principal Moments of Inertia of the Earth
Simulation Analysis and Verification for Major Indexes of High-Low Satellite-to-Satellite Tracking Mission
Introduction of PowerNetwork's Key Technolgies and Analysis of Its Performance
Multimedia Collection and Management Technology Based on GPS
Time-Dependent Dynamic Vehicle Routing Based on Genetic Algorithm