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2008 Vol. 33, No. 4

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Techniques of GIS,GPS and RS for the Development of Intelligent Transportation
Mass GPS Tracking Data Compression Method Based on Road Features
Multimodal Supported Composite Transportation Network Model
Electronic Waterway Map and Buoys Monitoring and Controlling System
Computing Service Areas of Fire Protection Facilities Based on the Space-time Allocation Model in GIS
Urban Bus Trip Optimization Based on Transit Data Model at Directional Level
Adaptive Multi-scale Visualizations of Road Network for Navigation
The Road Data Change Detection Based on Linear Shape Similarity
Research on Logistics Decision Support System Based on Spatial Cluster
Complete Route Computing for Traveling by Public Transport
Approach to Node Ranking in a Netwrok Based on Topology Potential
Research on the Optimal Path Web Services in Distributed Multi-Level Road Network
Path-based and SA-based Algorithm for Transportation Network Design Problem
Connectivity Model for Multi-Model Urban Transportation Networks
A Multi-level Route-planning Algorithm Based on Real-time Traffic Information in Embedded Environment
Research on Mechanism of Geographic Information Service Supported by Multi-tier Heterogeneous Geospatial Database
Scheme and Key Technologies for GIS Based Pavement Maintenance Management Information System
Research on Integration and Updating Method of Multi-sources Electronic Map Data
Towards RGPS Meta-modeling Framework and Its Application in Requirements Modeling for Urban Transportation
A Kth Shortest Path Algorithm Implemented with Bi-directional Search
Spatialtemporal Dynamic Segmentation and Its Traffic Incident Representation Application
Determination of the Spatial Ascription of Planar Crossway Data Model and Its Visualization
A Pyramid-based Cracks Statistical Modal for Massive Pavement Images
Traffic Sign Detection Based on Color and Boundary Feature
An Improved KNN Search Algorithm Based on Road Network Distance