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2008 Vol. 33, No. 3

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Establishment and Analysis of the Spectral Relationship Between Range-Rate and Gravity Potential Based on Energy Conservation
Using ICESAT Altimeter Data to Determine the Antarctic Ice Sheet Elevation Model
The Co-seismic Deformation Inversion Analysis Due to Different Seismic Fault Based on Crust Layering
A Method to Correct Tropospheric Delay in SAR Interferometry from GPS Observations
Determination of Navigation Satellite Clock Bias Using SLR and GPS Dual Frequency Phase-Smoothed Pseudo-Range Data
Bohai GNSS-R Aircraft Experiment and the Retrieve of Sea Surface Wind
Precision Time Transfer Methods Based on Geodetic Time and Frequency Transfer Receivers
Unscented Kalman Filter and Its Application in GPS Satellite Orbit Short-Dated Prediction
Extracting Topographic Characteristic Line from Contours
Fuzzy Description Model for Uncertain Direction Relation
Cartographic System Based on National Fundamental Geographic Data
Efficient Compression of Vector Data Map Based on Clustering Model
Constraints on the Distortion of Area Objects in the Process of Map Objects Displacement
Model of Land Eco-economical Suitability Evaluation
A Distance Attenuation Model for Urban Land Classification Based on Threshold
Dynamic Evolvement Simulation Technology of Emergency Plan Based on GIS
Network Geographic Information System Architecture Based on Object-Based Storage
Design and Implementation of Collaborative Virtual Geographic Education Environment
Accuracy Evaluation and Its Application of SLEUTH Urban Growth Model
Quantitative Analysis of Urban Thermal Environmental Effect Based on ASTER Data
Color Design of the Hill-Shading Map Based on Entropy
A New Approach for Segmentation of Forest Image Based on the Color and Texture
Remote Sensing Image Segmentation Based on Hierarchy Density Analysis
Detecting Line Sections by Point Pair Analysis
Cepstrum Analysis Based Parameter Estimation for Defocus Blur Image
High Spatial Resolution Optical Satellite Image Segmentation Based on Double-Mode PCNN
Robust Watermarking Method Based on Lapped Orthogonal Transform