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2007 Vol. 32, No. 3

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Orientation and Framework of Geo-informatization System
Texture Recognition Method Based on Bayesian Linear Programming
Absolute Orientation of Aerial Imagery over Urban Areas Combined with Vertical Lines
Classification of Remote Sensing Image Based on Adaptive GA and Improved BP Algorithm
Construction and Validation of a New Model for Unified Surface Water Capacity Based on MODIS Data
A Digital Image Watermarking Algorithm Based on Quadtree and Error Correcting Code
Texture Segmentation of Multispectral Remote Sensing Image Based on Markov Random Field
Purified Algorithm for Training Samples Based on Automatic Searching and Spectral Matching Technique
Internet Based VRS/RTK Positioning Algorithm and Experiment
Blend of RTK Height Signal and Heave Signal and Accuracy Analysis
Gravity(Crust) Isostasy and Topographic Wavelength——On Isostatic Isn't Suitable for Gravity Estimation on Qumolangma Peak
Single Epoch Ambiguity Resolution in Structure Monitoring Using GPS
Differential Method for Calculating Seabed Slope Angle of Beam-Width Effect Correction in Bathymetric Survey
CHAMP Gravity Field Recovery Based on Variance Component Estimation
On Gravity Field Variations and Geodynamic Characteristics in Mainland of China
Data Processing and Time Series Analysis for GPS Fiducial Stations in China
New Solutions on Inverse Problem of Meridian Arc
True Three-dimensional TIN Modelling Algorithm for Complicated Serial Sectional Contours
On Dynamic Replication Management of Wireless GIS Spatial Data
Function Based Navigation Data Model
Application of Cell-Portal in Indoor Scene Management of CyberCity GIS
On Cell Cube for Quality Evaluation of Urban Underground Space Resource
Semantic Weights of Features in Task-Driven Map Generalization