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2007 Vol. 32, No. 12

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Computation Method of Eave Correction Based on Single Close Range Image
3D Reconstruction and Inspection of Industrial Sheet Metal Parts with Multiple Baseline Images Based on Generalized Point Photogrammetry Theory
Estimating Urban Impervious Surface Percent Using Boosting as a Refinement of CART Analysis
Residential Areas Detection on Panchromatic Remote Sensing Images Based on Nave Bayesian Networks
A Marine Remote Sensing Spatial Database Engine for Web Publishing
Evaluation of Regular-Grid DEM Generalization Methods
Update Technologies for Multi-scale Spatial Database
Road Points Cloud Filtering Based on Fuzzy Clustering of Normal Vectors
DCT-Based GIS Vector Data Compression
A Novel Approach for Feature Selection Based on Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm
Spatio-Temporal Index Based on Extended HR-tree
Numerical Analysis of Perturbation Forces of GPS Satellites
ICESat's Performance and Its Application in Dome A Area in Antarctica
Impact of Antenna Phase Center Offset and Variation for High Precision GPS Data Processing
Several-Epoch Algorithm in Short Baseline Rapid Positioning Using Single Frequency GPS Receivers
Calibration of Onboard Accelerometer by Dynamic Method
A Modified Combined Bias Interpolation Method for GNSS Network RTK
Validating Clock Bias of Satellite Using SLR and Pseudorange Data
Land Utility Planning Layout Model Based on Constrained Conditions Cellular Automata
Benefit of Cultivated Land Utilization in Hubei Province
Extracting and Identifying Point Symbols Based on Distance Transform
Visual Effect Enhancement in Computer-Aided Hill-Shading