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2005 Vol. 30, No. 6

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Content and Precision-Determining of Difference Between Geoid and Quasigeoid
Principle of Fictitious Compress Recovery and Its Application
Small-Scale Sub-Lithospheric Convection and Flattening of Seafloor Topography
Forecast Model of Dynamic Deformation Based on Time Series Analysis
Improved ARCE and Its Application to Rapid Positioning Using Single Frequency GPS Receivers
A Comprehensive Kalman Filtering and Its Application to GPS-based Orbit Determination for LEOs
GPS Single Epoch Ambiguity Processing Algorithm for Single-Frequency Receiver
Correction of Effect of Earth’s Oblateness in Inversion of GPS Occultation Data
Establishment of Crustal Motion Velocity Field of Chuandian by Numerical Manifold Method and GPS Observations
Research on Carrier Heading Determination Based on GPS and TPS
A New Textured Image Segmentation Algorithm Based on Gaussian Mixture Models
Edge Detection Based on Image Profile Analysis
Progressive Texture Image Retrieval Based on M-Band Wavelet Features
Analysis of Five Forms of Urban Expansion Identification Model Based on SOFM Classification Results of Remote Sensing Data
Combinational Reasoning of Spatial Topological Relations Between a Line and an Area
Definitions of Natural-Language Spatial Relations in GIS
Preliminary Study on GIS Cognition and Data Organization
Automatic Placement of GIS Vector Map Annotation in Area Feature by Long-Diagonal
Architecture of Resource Management of Spatial Information Grid Based on Ontology and LDAP
Database Design of Urban Planning Road Information System
Mathematical Definitions for Imitative Map Symbol,Virtual Map Symbol and Geo-Cyberspace
Vehicle Recognition Based on Anti-symmetrical Wavelet