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2004 Vol. 29, No. 4

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Design of Analysis and Decision-Making System on National Economic Mobilization Based on GIS
Airplane Pose Measurement from Image Sequences
On the Texture of Multi-spectral and Super-dimensional Images
A Practical Blind Algorithm for Two-Dimensional Secrete Information Hiding in Remote Sensing Image
A New Fusion Method Based on Resolution Degradation Model for Panchromatic and Multi-spectral Images
Relationship Research Between MODIS-NDVI and AVHRR-NDVI
Combined Features for Object Extraction Using Fuzzy C-Mean
Bayesian Network Structure Learning and Its Applications
Image Restoration Based on Mask Technique
Hierarchical Multi-category Support Vector Machines Based on Inter-class Separability in Feature Space
Algorithm for Feature Point in Sequence Image Extraction and Matching
Automatic Rectification of Texture for Building Facades Based on Vanishing Point Geometry and Geometric Constrains of Parallel Object Lines
Extraction of Linear Feature from Remote Sensing Image Based on Watershed Transform
A Semi-automatic Algorithm for Line Matching Based on Delaunay Triangulation
A New Linearization Method for the Kalman Filter in Nonlinear System
Kalman Filtering Model of Dynamic Deformation Based on Wavelet Analysis
A New Method for Image Texture Analysis-Conditioned Pattern Spectrum
Human Motion Capture from Video Sequences
A Novel Method for High Resolution Image Positioning
SAR Image's Texture Analysis Based on Wavelet
DEM-based Oil and Gas Migration Pathway Simulation of Oil-and Gas-Bearing Basin