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1997 Vol. 22, No. 4

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Geometric Calibration of CCD Array Camera
The Knowledge Acquisition Based on Markov Random Field for Aeroimage Understanding
The Probability Relaxation Algorithm for the Automatic Connection of Cut Road Lines
Several Methods for Imaging Spectrometer Image Processing
The Algorithm of Single Image Stereo Without Distortion
A Framework of Spatial Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
The Prototype Design for U GIS Based on Intranet
The Design and Implementation of Management Information System of Urban Planning and Landuse Planning
An Approach to Validate the Resolved Ambiguities in GPS Rapid Positioning
Spherical Harmonic Analysis on Gravity Gradient Tensor
Intrinsic Structure and Density of the Normal Ellipsoid's Interior
Study on Deformation Forecast of Landslide and Rockfall by Linear Synthetic Model
Problem of Buffer Zone Construction in GIS
The Application of Fractal Theory in the Research of Cutting Tool Wear