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1992 Vol. 17, No. 4

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The Method of Helmert-Weight Factor of Variance Component Estimation
Designing and Mapping of the Small-scale False-color Photomap of China
A CAC-based General Multi-focal Projection
Evaluation and Deformation Analysis on horizontal Displacements of the Dam of Baogang Waterleading Reservoir
On the FFT Method of Terrain Corretion Computation in Rough Mountain Areas
An Expert System Model of Grass Resource Investigation by Using Remote Sensing Data
Light Section Photogrammetry and It's Application
A New Algrithm of Automatically Plotting the Area Symbols in the Thematic Mapping Systems
Development of Chinese System Card of Micrcoomputer Netware——WC-SunSir
The Design of Single-Chip Microcomputer Telepone Timer & Taximeter
The Application of Unloading Technology to Overcome Precision Guide Curved Deformation
Some Statistic Characters of Speckle Field Diffused by a Spherical Screen
On the Feature of Gaussian Beam Propagation and Transformation Based on the Gaussian Bracket