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2016 Vol. 41, No. 10

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ZY-3 DSM Generation Method Based on Semi-global Optimization
Change Detection Based on Segmentation and Matched Features Points for UAV Images
Key Point-Oriented Modeling of Trajectory-Directed Line Movement
The LOD Representation and Proximity Measurement of Semantic About Geographic Information
Design and Application on the Cloud Computing Based Method of Marine Environment Data Sharing
An Emergency Mission Oriented Evaluating Method for Space-based Satellite Sensors' Observation Combination
Harbor Detection and Discrimination of SAR Images with Prior Constraint
An Improved Forest Fire Spread Simulation Algorithm Coupled with Cellular Automata
A Dual-baseline Polarimetric SAR Interferometry Method for Building Height Inversion
A Space-Borne InSAR Image Registration by Aided by a Voronoi Diagram
An Overall Orientation Method for the Regional Network of Laser Beam Block Point Cloud Based on Linear Fitting
A Comparative Evaluation of Online Geocoding Services in China
An Automatic 3D Modeling Method Based on Orebody Contours
Reliable URTK Service Based on PPP-AR Ambiguity Rapid Reconvergence
Impact Analysis of GPS/BDS Combined Positioning on Ambiguity Search Region for Short Baseline
INS Aided Direct Calculation Algorithm for Single-Epoch Ambiguity Resolution
Robust Parallel Bayes Estimation for Large-scale GNSS Baseline Vector Network
Spatio-Temporal Inversion of Fault Slip Based on GNSS Observation Network
Evaluation of World Magnetic Model Accuracy
A Large Incidence Angle Ray-Tracing Method for Underwater Acoustic Positioning
A Method of Plane Datum Transformation by Coordinate Parameterization
Non-local Similarity Dictionary Learning Based Super-resolution for Improved Face Recognition