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2015 Vol. 40, No. 1

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Introduction to Urban Computing
An Intelligent Approach to Integrating Spatial Information Processing Services
Putting Model for Broad Geographic Annotation
Uncertainty Measurement Model of Three-Dimensional Polygon
Improved Multi-scale Retinex Image Enhancement of UnderPoor Illumination
Approximate Epipolar Resampling of Mars Express HRSC LinearPushbroom Imagery Based on Projection Trajectory Method
Remote Sensing Imagery Retrieval Method Based on Visual Attention Model and Local Features
CIFO:A Retrieval Method for Color Images with Salient Object
Mathematical Model of Airborne InSAR Block Adjustment
An Automatic PC-SIFT-Based Registration of Multi-source Images from Optical Satellites
Using Improved SIFT Algorithm to Implement Surface Defects Detection for Bridge Cable
Underwater Acoustic Image Multi-resolution Fusion Research
Stretched Boundary Layer Water Vapor Interpolation Algorithm for ECMWF Data
A Method to Detect Ocean Surface Current Based on X-Band Marine Radar
A 3D Pose Estimation Method for Space Object
Combination of Region Growing and TIN Edge Segmentation for Extraction of Geometric Features on Building Facades
Uncertainty Evaluation of Laser Points CloudUnder the Influence of Spot
Comparative Experiments on Soil Moisture Monitoring with GPS SNR Observations
Pre-seismic and Co-seismic Deformation of Ms 7.0 Earthquake in Lushan
Rapid Resolution of Integer Ambiguity in Integrated GPS/Gyro Attitude Determination
Solution and Comparison of High Order Term of Analytical Continuation
Modeling Dam Deformation Using Varying Coefficient Regression