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2014 Vol. 39, No. 3

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Rapid Data Processing of Huge Networks and Multi-GNSS Constellation
Autonomous Navigation and Control in Halo Orbit Based on XNAV
Determination and Analysis of Station Parameters ofthe Chinese VLBI Network
Analysis and Improvement of the MAP Algorithm for NavigationSatellite Convolutional Codes Decoding
SIS Error Statistical Analysis of Beidou Satellite Navigation System
The Experiment and Analysis of Zero-differenceAmbiguity Resolution for Kinematic PPP
A New WiFi Wireless Access Point Location Estimation Algorithm
Inspection and Revision of the Rayleigh Wave DispersionCurves via a Wave-Field Simulation Method
)Research on a Production Method of Sensor CorrectedProducts for ZY-3 Satellite
Normalization of Multi-temporal MODIS NDVI Based on6SRadiative Transfer Model
Effection of Cellular Size Selection on Process Simulation of RillErosion on Loess Hillslopes Using CA Method
An Approach for Insight into Geo-ontology MergingBased on Description Logics
Establishment and Analysis of 4D Cadastre
Arterial Roads Extraction in Urban Road NetworksBased on Shape Analysis
Degree Correlation of Urban Street Networks
The Parameter Discrimination Approach to Multi-connectedLinear Pattern Recognition in Building Groups
Algorithm for Dividing a Polyhedron with Holes intoConstrained Delaunay Tetrahedrons
Method of Snapping and Adjusting Input Linesto Unmovable Reference Lines
A Method of Unifying the Global Crustal Vertical Motion Reference Datum
Building up Regional Crustal Movement Velocity Field with BPNeural Network Base on Euler Vector
Stability Analysis and Results of the Landslide MonitoringDatum in the Three Gorges Reservoir Area
Using Iterative Hough Round Transform and Connected Areato Count Steel Bars Reliabley