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2012 Vol. 37, No. 4

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Visual Contrast Based Saliency Map Generation and Object Detection
Study on Geometric Rectification for FY-2 S-VISSR Data
Study on Hydraulic Soil-Erosion with Remote Sensing Information for Jiangxi Province
An Approach to Extract L-shaped Feature of Building from VHR SAR Image Using Multi-scale Hough Transform
Improvement of the Iteration by Correcting Characteristic Value Based on Ridge Estimation and Its Application in RPC Calculating
Kriging Interpolation of Snow Depthat the North of Tianshan Mountains Assisted by MODIS Data
A Fast Image Matching Algorithm Based on Harris Operator
Research on Union Localization and Mosaic Technology of InSAR Data
SVM-relevance-feedback and Semantic-extraction-based RS Image Retrieval
An Adaptive MeanShift Segmentation Method of Remote Sensing Images Based on Multi-Dimension Features
GPS Multipath Effect Processing Method Based on Augmented Parameters Kalman Filtering
Simultaneous Observation Method of Gravity Gradient
Velocity Field Model of CGCS2000 Based on Euler Vector of Local Area
Monitor State of GPS Rb Clock Using Jones-Tryon Kalman Filter
Technique and Application of Space-based TT&C for LEOs Based on Compass-1 System
GPS Baseline Solution Based on Average Sequence Data Method
EMD Filtering Based on Cross-Validation and Its Application in GPS Multipath
Construct AKF to Improve Precision of Estimating and Predicting Dam Deformation Using Innovation
Source Parameters of 2008 Qinghai Dachaidan Mw 6.3 Earthquake from InSAR Inversion and Automated Fault Discretization Method
Review on 3D Terrain Parallel Rendering
Computing of Complicated Topological Relation in Spherical Surface Quaternary Triangular Mesh
A New Method of DEM Generation from Contour Line
Study on Map Color Design for Color Blindness Based on Geographical Attribute Scaling
Application of GIS and Gradient Shift Theory of Residence Remise Land Price in Beijing
3D Face Reconstruction for Single Visual Images
Face Tracking Based on Adaptive PSO Particle Filter
An Efficient TV-L~1 Optical Flow Method
The Research of Trusted Service System on Mobile WiMAX