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2012 Vol. 37, No. 3

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A New Algorithm for Solution of Transformation Parameters of Big Rotation Angle's 3D Coordinate
Virtual Detection Method of Real-Time Fixing Cycle Slip of GPS Double-Frequency Original Carrieral Phase Observations
Classified Adaptive Filtering to GPS/INS Integrated Navigation Based on Predicted Residuals and Selecting Weight Filtering
Optimal Points of Using Central Differences Method for GPS Velocity Determination
Simulation and Analysis of EGNOS System's Integrity Under Multi-system with Multi-frequency
Two-Level Distributed Fusion Algorithm for Multisensor Integrated Navigation System
A New Calculative Method for Gyro-Free Inertial Navigation System Using 9Accelerometers
Establishing Absolute Plate Motion Model by Space Technologies
Application of CLS+AR Model Polar Motion to Prediction Based on Time-Varying Parameters Correction of Chandler Wobble
Influence of Polar Gaps on Spherical Harmonic Analysis Solution of Three Types of Gravity Gradiometry Boundary Value Problem
Recovering Earth's Gravitational Field Model Using GOCE Satellite Orbits
Analysis of Factors Influencing Smoothing Parameter in Semiparametric Model
Crustal Deformation Monitoring of Xianshuihe Fault by CR-InSAR
CR Construction and Identification in Xianshuihe and Longmenshan Fault
Epicentre-Source Area from Disturbance Abnormity Before Wenchuan Earthquake
Classification of High Spatial Resolution Imagery Using Support Tensor Machine
Filtering of LiDAR Based on Segmentation
Denoising on Hyperspectral Data by Energy Variations
True Orthoimage Generation Based on Occlusion Detection with TIN
Polarimetric and Interferometric SAR Imagery Registration Based on Hybrid Triangle
DEM Extraction over Mountainous Area and Its Accuracy Analysis with Phase Compensation Based Differential Interferometry
Thermal Infrared Target Recognition Using Multi-scale Fractal Model
Crowd Monitoring for Underground Railway Station Based on Weighted Area Perspective Transformation
Distance Measurement on a Plane from Single Images Using Circles
Detecting Target Located in Nonstationary Background Based on Two-Dimensions Constant False Alarm Rate
Recognition of Grid Pattern in Street Network Using Self-organizing Maps
Analysis of Relationship Among RMSE of Elevation,Grid Size and Data Density when Generate DEM
CT-Based WPS
Optimization on Diamond Search Motion Estimation Algorithm Based on AVS