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2012 Vol. 37, No. 1

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Geo-informatization of New Geographic Information Era
Polarimetric SAR Image Classification Using Watershed-Transformation and Support Vector Machine
An Improved SIFT Descriptor and Its Performance Analysis
An Improved Tsai's Two-stage Camera Calibration Approach Using Vanish Point Constrain
Wishart-H/Alpha Classification Based on Optimal Coherence and Polarimetric Span
A Method of Multi-look SAR Image Target Recognition Based on Static Model
Surface Min/max Flow Method for Remote Sensing Image Denoising
A New Method of Remote Sensing Image Segmentation Based on PSO and Isodata
Quasi-automatic Extraction of Zonal Roads from Remote Sensing Images Using Template Matching and BSnake Model
Registration Method for SAR Image Based on Cascade Filter and Relaxation Optimization Algorithm
A Hierarchical Classification Method Based on Feature Selection and Adaptive Decision Tree for SAR Image
Morphological Edge Detection Algorithm Based on Multi-structure Elements Compound Filter
One Fusion-Algorithm of Asynchronous Multi-Sensor Integrated Navigation System
GNSS Data Processing with Mixed Single and Dual Frequency Receivers for High Accuracy Near Real-time Weather Monitoring
Accuracy Analysis of Airborne InSAR System
Inertial Navigation System Fine Alignment Under ECEF Frame with Quaternion and Kalman Filter
Network RTK Atmosphere Error Interpolation Estimation Model Based on Mapping Function
Accuracy Analysis of the Remove-Restore Process in Inverse Stokes Formula
Monitoring on Xi'an Ground Fissures Deformation with TerraSAR-X Data
Filter Algorithm for Slope Monitoring with Unknown Physical Information
Inversion of the Parameters of 3D Magnetic Body with Its Magnetic Profile Lines
A Novel Spatial Clustering Method with Spatial Obstacles
Kriging Based on Approximate Road Network Distance for Urban Traffic State Estimation
Changes of DEM-derived Slope with Horizontal Resolution and Their Spatial Distribution
Automatic Viaduct Detection Based on the Spatial Characters
Evaluation Model for Similarity Based on Curve Generalization
Study on Structure of Ecosystem Services Value Assisted with Geo-Information Tupu in Jiangxi Province
A New Map Tiles' Indexing Method Based on Discontinuous Changing of Standard Parallel