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2010 Vol. 35, No. 7

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The Lifespan Model of GIS Data Representation over Scale Space
An Incremental Sequence Pattern Mining Algorithm
Establishment and Application of Multi-scale Display Model in Basic Electronic Map
Area Topological Computing Based on Sweep Line and Trapezium-split Operation
Generation of Voronoi Diagram Based on Genetic Algorithms and Cellular Automata
Seamless Integration of Spatial Information Grid with Heterogeneous Data Grid Using Broker-based Model
Vehicle Detection Algorithm with Video from Airborne Camera
Design and Implementation of Geospatial Information Services Middleware Based on Context-awareness
Research on the Design of Construction Surveying Control Network of Jinping Assistant Tunnel
Application and Method of Stadia Asymmetrical-like Leveling
The Dynamic Characteristics Analysis for the Large Bridge Based on the Improved Hilbert-Huang Transformation
Near Real Time PW Inversion Based on Zero-differenced GPS Observation
Combined Orbit Determination of Navigation Satellites with Cross-link Ranging Observations and Ground Tracking Observations
Correction of Imperfect Alignment of MRU for Multibeam Bathymetry Data
GPS/GALILEO Multi-frequency Combined Differential Positioning
Data Processing and Stability Analysis of Continuouly Operating Reference Stations Base-Network
Modulari Practice of Time Synchronization in Integrated GPS/INS Systems
Classification of Radar Altimeter Waveforms Based on Cluster Analysis
Study on Fitting the Discontinuous Right-hand Function for Satellite's Dynamical Equation Integration
Analysis of PDOP Availability of Navigation Constellation Based on Satellite Service Intermittence
Design of a Software Receiver for GPS Weak Signal Acquisition
Effect of the Troposphere Zenith Delay Estimation Method on Precise Point Positioning
The Inner Core and Geomagnetic Field
Inundation Extent Mapping for Poyang Lake with Digital Elevation Models
Remote Sensing Monitoring the Health of Artificial Robinia Pseudoacacia Forest
Object Identification of Hyperspectral Image Based on the Spectral Overall Shape and Local Absorption-band Positions
B-Spline Pyramidal Direction Filter Banks and Its Application to Remote Sensing Image Fusion
Using Gene Expression Programming to Improve Satellite Images