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2005 Vol. 30, No. 7

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A Model of Cartographical Generalization Based on Genetic Algorithm
An Overview of Encryption Scheme for Digital Video
Extrapolative Location of High Resolution Remote Sensing Imageries
Semiautomatic Extraction of Floor Area Ratio Based on Construction Shadow in High Resolution Remote Sensing Image
Filter of Image with Polarizer Salt and Pepper Noise Based on DMN
Fuzzy Neural Network Modeling for Dam Deformation Prediction
Research on the Establishing Project for Chinese Deep Space Surveying and Control Network
Realization of Wide Area Difference GPS Positioning Algorithm in TMS320C32 DSP System
Triple-Frequency Methods for Correcting Higher-Order Ionospheric Refractive Error in GPS Modernization
Establishment of Plate Motion Model by the Integrated Data of GPS and VLBI
Simulation of the Impacts of Single LEO Satellite Orbit Parameters on the Distribution and Number of Occultation Events
Least Squares Spectral Analysis and Its Application to Superconducting Gravimeter Data Analysis
Faster Difference Iterative Algorithm of Nonlinear Data Processing
Relationship Between the Ability of Gross Error Detectable and Identifiable and the Correlation Coefficient
Research on the Calculating Directly Water Vapor Value Using Zenith Tropospheric Delay Data
Dummy Topography Projection and the Aggregation of the Results in the Earth Synchronous Satellite Positioning System
Correlation Processing Techniques in Frequency-domain Calibration for Very Broadband Seismometer—Raising Sinewave Calibration Precision Under Strong Noise by Using Vertical Correlation Method
View-dependent Simplification Algorithm of Terrain Model Based on Visibility Preprocesssing
Automatic Discovery of Feature Change Based on the Database of Urban Large Scale Topographic Maps
A New Attribute Recognition Method of Radar Emitter
Datablade for Spatiotemporal Data Management Based on Informix
Underground Laneway Modeling and Realization by C(++)
Design and Realization of Adaptive Anti-Jamming Module of the Antenna of GPS Receiver Based on DSP Technique