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2004 Vol. 29, No. 5

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Expressions of Earth Gravity Field, Gravity and Gravity Gradient in 3D Cartesian Coordinates System
Processing and Analysis of Earth Gravity Field of Accelerometer Data for CHAMP
Fuzzy Histogram and Its Application to Surveying Data Processing
Kinematic Positioning Algorithm with Coordinate Function Constraint
Weaken Systematic Error in Depth Data of MES
Semiparametric Regression with Cubic Spline
Sidescan Sonar Image Preprocessing Techniques Based on Data Fusion
A New Ambiguity Resolution Approach of GPS RTK Relative on a Moving Reference
Model Reliability Research for Plane Similitude Conversion
Strong Contaminated Single Epoch GPS Deformation Signals Extracting and Gross Error Detection
Forewarning System of Dynamic Balance Between Cultivated Land Demands and Supplies at Multi-Measures
Solving Graphic Conflicts Between Streets and Buildings in Map Compilation by Simulating Human Cartographers
Design and Integration of Repository in Land Evaluation System
Construction and Applications of Topological Relation Among Contour Lines
Automatic Extraction of Skeleton and Center of Area Feature
Similarity for Spatial Directions Between Areal Objects in Raster Data
Application Research on CNSDTF-VCT
Multi-Channel Remote Sensing Imagery Change Detection Based on Orthogonal Transformations
Dimension Reduction of Self-organized Neural Network Classification for Multi-band Satellite Data
A High-Quality Motion Estimation Algorithm Applicable to H.264