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2004 Vol. 29, No. 2

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From GIS to Digital Engineering
Synthetic Valuation of Geographic Information Engineering Based on DEA Model
Technology of Urban Spatial Information Sharing and Interchanging Based on Web Services and FETTL
Using Web Storage System for Managing Phase Document of Workflow
Structure of Decision Support System Based on Intelligent Object
Solution to Mathematical Programming Problem of Windmill Micro-location Selection by GIS
Extendable GIS Model Based on Micro-Workflow
Designing Technique of Complicated Linear Symbols in GIS Symbol Database
Theorem for Determining the Parent-Child Relation of Line and Area Feature in TGIS
Distributed GIS for Agriculture Based on J2EE
Data Model of Large Scale Topographic Maps for Multi-applications
Multi-layer Distributed GIS Software Architecture Model Based on Objects and Components
Study on the Architecture of GIS Grid
Role-based Geographic Entities' Authorized Granularity Control in GIS
Spatial Information Publication Based on Oracle Spatial and SVG
Detecting Small Moving Objects for a Monocular Automatic Visual Surveillance System
Geography Markup Language Schema Matching Algorithm
CA-based Modeling of Spatio-temporal Processes Simulation
3D Modeling and Data Organization of Highway