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2001 Vol. 26, No. 1

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The Technique Integration of the Spatial Information and Communication
The Design and Implementation of CyberCity GIS
Look Direction Error and Its Correction on Airborne Imaging Scanner Image
Geographic Window Fixing and Its Application Based on Spatial Statistics
Fusion of SPOT-P and TM Multispectral Image by M-band Wavelet Theory
à trous Wavelet Decomposition Applied to Detecting Image Edge
The Marr Approach in Edge Information Analysis for Multispectral Remote Sensed Imagery
High Resolution Mean Sea Surface Over China Sea Derived from Multi-satellite Altimeter Data
Research of Data Transformation for Super-totalstation Positioning System Integrated by GPS and Totalstation
A Reliable GPS Single Epoch Processing Algorithm with Known Deformation Interval Constraints
Ambiguity Processing Approach in Combined GPS/GLONASS Positioning
Combined Adjustment Models of Road Curve Digitization in GIS
The Hypothesis Testing of Scale Parameter in Coordinate Transformation Model
The Market Data Approach Based on Land Grading and Evaluation
The Application of Genetic Algorithms in Designing Urban Road's Elevation
The New Method for Quickly Generating DEM Based on Raster Contour-CSE