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1996 Vol. 21, No. 1

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The Pseudo-solution to Satellite Gradiometry Boundary Value Problem
Several Problems in the Application of Satellite Altimetry in Physical Geodesy
A New Method for Reducing the Equations of Motion of a Slightly Elliptical Symmetrical Elastic Body to Spherical Domain
Mathematic Models of Instantaneous Sea Level in Marine Survey
Tracking Submarine Moving Target with the Adaptive Estimation Methodology
Integrated Dynamic Forecasting by Grey Numbers of Identical Dimensions and its Application in Deformation Forecasting
A Model and the Formulae for Successive Adjustment with Restrictive Conditions
Applications of Mathematical Morphology in GIS Spatial Analysis
Recognition of Point-shaped Map Symbols with a New Neural Network Model
A New Image Mosaic Method
The Extraction of Elevation Information of Ice-covered Surface in Zhongshan Station Area of Antarctica
The Research on Fractal Method of Automatic Generalization of Map Polygons
Determining Varied information Content of Map with Information Method
The Technological Process of Compilation and Evaluation of Cartographic Algebra System
The Mathematic Models Describing Color Property of Color CRT Monitor
Moire Effect Investigation of CCD Image Sensors
An Object-oriented Geographical Data Model for Shared GIS
The Representation and Implementation ofFuzzy Query Based on Extended SQL
The Generalized Backtracking Method & the Optimum Task Scheduling of the Parallel Computer System
Communication Technique Between a Microcomputer and Programmable Logic Controllers