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1995 Vol. 20, No. 4

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Modelling Positional Uncertainty of Line Primitives in GIS
On Measuring Complexity of Digital Curves and Separating Stochastic Part from Trend Movement of Digitizing Process
The Study of Self-adapting Spatial Index Structure for Colour Images
On the Application of Spatial Gray Level Dependence Method in Image Texture Classification
Digital Mosaicking Based on Dyadic Wavelet Transformation for Remote Sensing Imagery
Applications of Grayscale Morphology in Scanned Image Processing
The Investigation of a Fast Digital Map Revision System
Determination of the Sea Level Height and Sea Surface Topography in the China Sea and Neighbour by T/P Altimeter Data
Calculation and Accuracy Estimation of Marine Mean Free-Air Gravity Anomaly
A Research on Mathematical Models for Image Transformation in Map Reproduction and Printing
The Study on Precision Positioning of Cableway Pipe in Large-scale Cable-stayed Bridge
The Optimum of Simultaneous Design and Asynchronous Design
Field Distribution Patterns of Propagation Modes in Selfoc Fiber
An Improvement on the Multi-Branch-and-Bound Algorithm for 0-1 Knapsack Problems
Implementing High Accuracy Pulse Distance Measurement with the Method of Time Sampling
Database for Roller Bearings in Gear Reducer CAD
Urban Land Classification and Evaluation Based on GIS