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1995 Vol. 20, No. 3

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A New Approach for Shape from Shading
A Research of the Image Mosaic Method Led by a Serial Cauchy Engine
A Treatment of GPS Antenna Off-set in GPS-supported Bundle Block Adjustment
Matching Aerial Images with DEM
A Research into Some Problems of Cartographic Generalization in Digital Environment
Value Assignment of Complex Objects-Aggregation Operations
The Compact Bintree Representation & Encoding of Binary Images
Lineal Quadtree Encoding for Direct Regional Representation
A CCD Scanned Contour Map Recognition System on Windows
The Generalized Model for Kinematic Adjustment and the Related Statistical Testing Theory
Robust Best Invariant Quadratic Unbiased Estimation
Building Statistical Model for Age Assessment of Human Wrist Bones
Some Aspects of Tectonic Stress Field inverse with Geodetic Data
Accuracy Analysis and Calculation of 1°×1° Point Masses in the Area of China
The Sensors Based on the Gravimetrical Direction
The Application of Linear Programming in Designing Urban Road's Elevation
A CAD/CAM System for Relief
A Design of File Management System in Electronic Fieldbook