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1994 Vol. 19, No. 4

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The Research of the Earth's Gravity Field Model WDM94 Complete to Degree 360
The Research of Gravity Geoid WZD94 in China
A Generalized Disturbing Potential Formula
Test and Construction of Disturbing Point Masses Model
Modelling of Systematic Errors in GPS Precise Surveys
Bayesian Sequential Adjustment
Relaxation-based Edge Extraction
Automatic Separation of Graph/Symbol in Topographic Map
The Removal of the Streaking Noise on Antarctic Satellite Image
A New Approach for Photogrammetric Data Processing of Space Resection
Review and Dynamic Cartography for Level of Social Development in China
A Metrical Research on Map Legibility
Estimation of Digitizing Errors along Curves in a Cartographic Map
Map Communication in Digital Environment
An Encrypt System by Extra Magnetic Track Gap
Propagation Modes in the Lenslike Medium Medium and Their Coupling Coefficients with the Incident Laser
A New Technique for Determining the High Refractive Index of Glass Microsphere