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        Arc Spline and Arclet Processing
        Digits of Map Lettering Recognition Using Back-propagation Learning
        Establishing DEM from Contours
        Study on Automatic Inferring and Linking of Mine Rock Boundary Lines
        The Application of Time Series Analysis in Risky Cliff Observation Data Processing
        Pseudo-stereo Method for Map Revision
        The Mathematical Model for Map Quality Evaluation
        Relativistic Geodesy
        The Concept and Application of the Equi-frequency Geoid
        The Method of Changing Quadratic Estimation into Linear Estimation
        The Application of Plate Movement-deformation Model to Monitoring the Diastrophism of Qinghai-Xizang Plateau
        The Partial Derivatives Associated with Solar Radiation Model
        Method of Vision Analysis and Simulation Control of Urban Landscape
        Overstandard Weight-grey Situation Decision for Urban Environmental Qualitative Assessment
        Data Gathering and Processing System of Fine Spinners
        Study of Object-oriented Programming Language and the Paralell Implementation Techniques
        The Kalman Filtering to Counteract SA
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